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Transform yourself or your organization with a personalized program from Triple P.



We don’t just listen to what you’re saying — we also consider what you’re not saying & what you’re not noticing. We care deeply about our clients and their success.  


We cultivate a true partnership through our authentic, humble and empathetic approach to help you achieve your optimal end state. Our clients become part of our “family”.


We develop and implement programs and projects to fit your distinctive requirements. We thoughtfully consider your complex challenges and develop the right solutions for you and your business.


Optimize your talent and organizational performance

Executive Leadership Coaching

Coaching is designed to help you maximize your potential and performance so you can achieve greater levels of success through a process of intentional action and change. We work with individuals across all levels of organizations, from emerging leaders to the C-Suite. We have extensive experience working across many different industries, including Federal Government, Non-Profit, Higher Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate and Retail among others, and understand the nuances of each to help tailor your coaching experience.

 We create a safe space for our clients to explore their challenges in unprecedented ways. By helping our clients feel comfortable enough to share their personal struggles and fears, we facilitate learning and challenge our clients to explore new and potentially uncomfortable areas of themselves and their situations to ultimately identify new possibilities for growth. We are endlessly curious and observant, encouraging our clients to discover new self-awareness.

We will help you twist your prism and look at your world differently to help change your mindset and transform your performance.

Facilitation & Training

We develop and implement organizational learning strategies and programs to continuously grow and develop talent. Our experience includes the development and delivery of numerous training programs to help optimize performance and enable a learning and growth-oriented culture.

 Some of our training programs include: 

  • Optimizing Employee Productivity

  • The Importance of Psychological Safety and How to Implement it in Your Organization

  • Improving Your Sales Staff Through Soft Skills

  • How to Retain Top Talent

  • How to Optimize Employee Performance Through the Simple Act of Listening

  • The Importance of Radical Candor and How to Implement it in Your Organization

  • How to Improve Employee Decision Making

  • Building Alignment Through Emotional Intelligence
  • Optimizing Decision Making
  • Hosting and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace
Management Consulting

Whether it’s providing advisory services regarding growth strategies, shifting and implementing organizational cultures, supporting change initiatives, or outsourcing internal functions, we use our 20+ years of consulting experience across numerous industries to help organizations optimize their talent and enable the achievement of strategic objectives. 

About Jonathan Tuteur

Jonathan Tuteur was born the youngest of three triplets and has found throughout his life that the best things come in threes! The name of his company, Triple P, embodies this concept, as Jon’s passions and work lie in helping people find and clarify their personal and career purpose and optimize their performance and potential.

Jon’s Executive Coaching work focuses on helping individuals and groups optimize their performance, enhance their mindset, and achieve their potential. His coaching clients include individuals at all levels of personal growth, from emerging leaders to C-suite and senior executives.

He has held senior leadership positions at multiple consulting firms including Accenture. Jon’s consulting work focuses on a multitude of organizational challenges including employee learning & development, change management, growth & organizational strategy, and employee & organizational behavior. He also facilitates training sessions, workshops, and retreats for his clients on many topics including one of his passions, Emotional Intelligence.


Jonathan Tuteur
Founder & CEO

His experience also includes an extensive amount of global travel across 5 continents supporting large scale change initiatives for various clients. Jon’s secret superpower is his ability to deeply listen which is fueled by his innate curiosity and passion for helping people, teams and organizations grow, develop, and exceed their goals.

He received his Bachelor of Business Administration from The George Washington University with a double concentration in Human Resource Management and Information Systems and a Minor in Psychology. He received an Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University and is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Jon is also certified in the Emotional Intelligence Quotient Inventory (EQ-I 2.0 and EQ 360), the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Leadership Circle Profile, and the DRiV assessment.



“I believe because of the coaching and candid feedback from Jon, I have a greater sense of awareness of how others view my leadership. As I continue my limited time in public service and I look to the future of private-sector employment, I will be reminded of these conversations and my ability to be more vocal as to the impact to self and family.”


Dave K. – Former Director, Federal Air Marshal Service

“I want to thank you for offering me this opportunity to work with you. It has been extremely valuable to me. My thought process has been challenged to think differently. I have found it to be rewarding and has pushed me to uncomfortable places. When I’m pushed to those places, it improves me and my abilities to think more objectively and with more feeling. While I reflect on my own goals and objectives for the second half of my career, this coaching opportunity will propel me to another level. I hope you found our discussions helpful because I have.”


Chad H. – Vice President, USO

“I felt I was the most important person to Jon and that his sole desire was for me to grow in my ability to lead. The interaction was terrific every time, as Jonathan wasn’t giving me advice, but rather helping me find the solutions for myself through probing questions that got beyond the superficial issues to the real heart of the issue. The respect he showed for my role and the positive encouragement allowed me to feel it was safe to share some vulnerabilities I have been protecting for some time.”


Phil G. – Former CEO, Epilepsy Foundation of America

“You always show up and you’re really plugged in and it makes me want to show up more. Ideas just start flowing. When I show up I get clarity and energy to get really motivated and change behaviors/doing things I need to do are not as much of a drag. It makes me excited!”


Lauren C. – Liaison Officer, U.S. Federal Government

“You were amazing to work with! Amazing about providing space. Listening empathetically. It’s your secret sauce. You have a quiet confidence mixed with intellectual ability.”


Harris F. – Director of Client Relationships, OKA

“When Jon shows up, warmth shows up. A genuine curiosity for how I *really* am (not just the surface level stuff) shows up. Deep listening shows up. You remember things about me/people – even from previous conversations that might have been several weeks before. Heart shows up. A little bit of playfulness shows up too — it’s not overt but it’s definitely there.”


Courtney P. – Senior Recruiter

“Your ability to listen and be engaged in a conversation that has nothing to do about you.  You show true sense of interest and engagement in others when you talk with them.  You are genuine in your questions and it shows that you think about what people are saying before you ask.”


Wike K. – Operational Risk Senior Manager, Wells Fargo

“You instill an instant sense of safety, trust and connection. You have a quiet magnetism that draws people to you.”


Bill P. – Academic Director, Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership

“I love talking to you because I know you care about what I say and about me as a person. Safety to feel what I need to feel and say what I need to say. To not be judged.”


Gabriella F. – Federal Government Executive

“Jon provided executive coaching for each individual on our executive leadership team. Within two months of starting coaching the team showed more vulnerability and openness to receiving feedback and started working more effectively together. The process was amazing to witness! Jon was able to skillfully and gracefully pinpoint areas of development for each person and inspire them to make changes to their leadership approaches. The impact on the organization is/was outstanding!!! I am so grateful to have brought Jon on as our executive coach and I would highly recommend him to any organization or individual looking to improve leadership skills. Thank you so much, Jon!”


Laura B. – HR Director

“It was a pleasure working with you. I have been telling everyone willing to listen to raving about my leadership coaching sessions and about the impact our sessions have on me.”


Elliot S. – Federal Government Acquisitions

“You have a wonderful demeanor that immediately put me at ease (…which you know is nearly impossible), and you helped me shift my perspective on some of the challenges that have long plagued me.”


Shelly T. – Federal Government Branch Chief


Washington, DC 20010
United States